CT Police Department found Model 3 cost-effective

The Westport Police Department purchased a Tesla Model 3 on a pilot to see if the vehicle could serve as a squad car. After a year of use, the police department found that the Model 3 saves the department money compared to standard patrol vehicles.

The department wanted to test the vehicle and put it through its paces. The police department worked with Tesla to wire in their electronics to the battery, and the vehicle went into service in February 2020. After a year of tracking, the Tesla came out on top over its gas cousins.

The Tesla initially cost more than a traditional Ford Explorer, but the lower cost allows it to shine. There is no fuel cost, and maintenance on the Tesla is cheap when compared to gas vehicles. The vehicle faced no issues during winter and used on consecutive shifts without the need to recharge.

The police department also noted that the Tesla could stay in the fleet an additional two years to their gas squad cars. The Westport Police Department is planning to buy additional Model 3’s for the police service.

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