Tesla applies for waiver to increase Giga Berlin County Fair guest limit to 9,000 people

Image via Tesla

Tesla has applied for a waiver with local authorities in Grünheide in order to increase the number of people allowed to attend their upcoming Giga Berlin County Fair.

Under the current rules in place due to COVID-19, a maximum of 5,000 would be allowed to attend. According to a government official, Tesla was originally going to limit the number to 3,500, about the same number of employees at the construction site on a daily basis.

With the waiver, Tesla wants to increase that number to 9,000.

In order to be granted the waiver Tesla must prove it will not damage the land or release toxic substances into the groundwater. Local authorities tell Reuters that the application should be approved based on the information provided by the automaker.

On September 16 Tesla launched a pre-registration website for Giga Fest. Attendees at the event will get to “experience the most advanced electric vehicle production plant in the world.”

The County Fair will offer a behind the scenes tour of the factory and also feature on-site booths with various activities to experience.

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