Elon Musk to consider changing standard paint colour to something other than white

Silver Model 3

The Tesla Design Studio gives buyers five different colour choices for their new car. You can go with at no extra charge, or splurge and pay extra for other colours, paying as much as $2,600 CAD ($2,000 USD) for red multi-coat.

White hasn’t always been the stock colour on Tesla vehicles though. Black was actually standard until mid-2019.

Since the change Tesla has seen a huge increase in sales, capped off most recently with more than 241,000 in Q3 2021. That has naturally led to a large number of white Teslas on roads in Canada and the US.

There are so many that FrunkPuppy creator and toxic Tesla fan Earl (@28delayslater) asked CEO Elon Musk for change on Twitter. Responding to the tweet, Musk said he will consult with his team to see what can be done.

Earl also asked for something that many Tesla fans are hoping for, and that’s to bring back silver as one of the paint choices. The automaker used to offer it as an option until the colour was discontinued in 2018.

What would you pick as the stock colour? What colours would you like to see added to the Design Studio? Let us know in the comments below.

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