Toyota Executive says 2030 50% EV goal in the US is a longshot due to low demand

A Toyota Motor North America executive did not mince words when asked about the goal to have 50 per cent EV sales in the US by 2030.

The comments were made by Jack Hollis, Executive Vice President of Sales for Toyota North America, who said this in an interview with Forbes:

I don’t think the market is ready. I don’t think the infrastructure is ready. And even if you were ready to purchase one, and if you could afford it … they’re still too high.

In 2021, the Biden Administration announced new ambitious targets for EVs in the United States. The targets included the goal of EVs making up 50 per cent of new vehicle sales by 2030.

Hollis continued and noted this:

The consumer isn’t demanding it at that level. The consumer is not screaming, ‘30% or 40% by tomorrow.’ And when you start pushing consumers into things they’re not ready for, some other consequence will occur.

Although these are strong words, we must also consider where Toyota is in the current market.

The company is well-behind other automakers in North America in terms of launching battery electric vehicles. This is especially true considering their first vehicle in the market, the bZ4x crossover is dealing with significant issues, namely that the wheels may literally fall off the EV.

The problem is so bad that Toyota has given the option for customers to have their vehicles repurchased by Toyota.

So, given Toyota’s track record so far when it comes to electrification, we will take these comments with a bit of a grain of salt.

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