Sony shows off electric SUV as it launches new company to explore building electric cars

Sony, best knowns for its consumers electronics, will soon be launching a new company called Sony Mobility Inc., with its goal to explore building electric cars.

Two years ago at the 2020 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony unveiled their concept Vision-S electric vehicle (EV).

At the time the company didn’t reveal plans to enter the EV market, saying the concept was developed to showcase Sony’s ability to create products from across its business for tech-heavy vehicles.

Holes started appearing in that story line later in 2020 when the Vision-S arrived in Tokyo for road testing, and again in early 2021 for additional public road testing in Europe.

Now the real story has come out. At CES 2022 yesterday, Sony’s chairman and president Kenichiro Yoshida not only unveiled another Vision-S concept in SUV form, he also announced plans to launch Sony Mobility Inc. this spring.

During his presentation, Yoshida said the new company was a “bold step into the future” and would be “exploring a commercial launch” of EVs.

Much like the original concept, the updated Vision-S prototypes feature a plethora of sensors inside and out the vehicle, 40 in total.

sony ev sensors

The car features an expansive touchscreen that stretches across the entire dash. Rear passengers are not left out of the fun, with each seatback featuring a large touchscreen disaply.

The Vision-S also comes equipped with 5G connectivity and in-car entertainment.

sony vision

You can check out more details on the Sony Vision-S vehicles in the videos below.


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