Tesla opens Supercharger in Sainte Marie [Quebec]

For the first time in several months there is Supercharger news for Quebec, and it is good news. On Friday the company flipped the switch on a brand new Supercharger in Sainte Marie.

Construction of the Sainte Marie Supercharger started at the end of September 2023. The site was originally scheduled to open before the end of the year, but a little over five months after construction began 8 V3 Supercharger stalls are now available to both Tesla owners and owners of other EVs at IGA des Sources Sainte-Marie (1000 Bd Vachon N).

The Sainte Marie Supercharger hasn’t yet appeared on the mobile app, so we don’t know the pricing for Tesla owners. However, Tesla has updated their website, which includes the non-Tesla pricing at $0.58/kWh. Based on Tesla’s pricing strategy for other EVs, Tesla owner pricing should be around $0.45/kWh.

Usually we end off new Supercharger openings with a list of other stations under construction in the province, but in this case there are none.

There should however be many starting up later this year and into 2025. Quebec Tesla owners have been coming out in force and gathering a large amount of support for Supercharger voting. In the last few rounds there have been six locations voted to be future Supercharger locations in Gatineau, Montebello, Ange-Gardien, Bromont, Tadoussac, and Baie-Comeau.

This is in addition to the other Superchargers planned for 2024 openings in Quebec, including in Lachute, Vaudreuil, Beauharnois, and Trois Rivieres.

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