Chrysler announces plan to go all-electric by 2028

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Chrysler announced it will go all-electric by 2028.

The struggling division of Stellantis will begin the transition with the launch of its first EV in 2025.

The company hopes to build their EVs using a clean manufacturing process and ensure that its vehicles feature recyclable and renewable materials. Chrysler already did this with their Airflow concept, which they unveiled at the show.

The Airflow includes vegetable-tanned leather, and its floor mats and capturing is made of recycled materials.

It is not clear if Stellantis will move forward with producing the Airflow concept. However, it will undoubtedly use a lot of its looks and features.

Many in the industry believe that Chrysler will use the Airflow or its foundation for the 2025 EV. However, after that, it is a bit of guesswork.

Rumours are circling that the company will also produce an EV Pacifica minivan. However, the 300 sedan might be at the end of its life and never be electrified.

One would think that adding new models to electrify might be the best way for this struggling brand to get some new blood into their lineup.

However, Chrysler needs to move units at the end of the day, and this move to electrify might save this iconic American brand.

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