Sony introduces concept electric vehicle at CES 2020

Sony was able to keep this one under wraps almost as well as Tesla was able to keep the Cybertruck design a secret until it was revealed on stage in California.

There had previously been reports about Apple potentially releasing a vehicle, but there has never been mention of Sony’s interest in electric vehicles, until now. Maybe it was because no one was expecting it from Sony, but their new Vision-S concept vehicle doesn’t look all that bad.

Sony only announced the concept EV at the end of their press conference at CES, so we don’t have many details to go by, but here’s what we do know. There are 33 sensors that are inside and outside the vehicle. It has multiple displays in the vehicle, including in the back seat for rear passenger. It also has immersive audio and always-on connectivity to allow for software updates.

The platform is apparently based on a new design from Magna Automotive. No details were provided on power, range, or battery pack size, but just last year Magna announced it was developing a new electric motor design that would cost 50% less than existing motors, but have 8 times the power density.

The Vision-S looks half decent for Sony’s first attempt. It definitely has Porsche Taycan similarities in its design, with a very similar look from the front of the vehicle. The interior could use some work, especially that steering wheel.

While it would certainly be interesting to see Sony enter the automotive sector, this concept Vision-S will likely never hit the roads. This was more likely built to showcase Sony’s ability to create products from across its business for tech-heavy vehicles in an attempt to get current auto manufacturers to purchase their products, providing a big boost to Sony’s bottom line.

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