Sony’s prototype Vision-S electric vehicle arrives in Tokyo for testing

Probably the biggest surprise of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year was Sony’s reveal of its Vision-S prototype electric vehicle (EV).

At the time, it was thought to be exactly that, a prototype you would likely never see on the roads. Instead, based on comments made during the unveiling, it was thought to be developed to showcase Sony’s ability to create products from across its business for tech-heavy vehicles.

Sony has recently released a video showing it arriving in Tokyo for “development”, but not revealing much else about the prototype EV.

According to the video description, the Vision-S arrived in Tokyo for advancing the “sensing and audio technologies”. Sony has already revealed at CES the car has 33 sensors, including radar, lidar, and cameras.

The description further explains the Vision-S prototype may see public road testing “this fiscal year”.

The move by Sony to test the vehicle in Tokyo, and the plan to begin road-testing soon shows the multinational conglomerate is serious about developing the car beyond just a prototype.

If they do eventually sell the Vision-S, it won’t be easy to have success with their EV. They only have to look as far as Apple’s rumoured electric car, or more recently Dyson’s nearly $1 billion attempt at bringing their electric SUV to market.

Check out the full video below, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

h/t [Jalopnik]

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