752 mile trip in a Tesla Model S, yes it happened

Our Next Energy (ONE) successfully drove a Tesla Model S 752 miles (1,210km) on a single charge last month.

The Tesla Model S had one of the company’s retrofitted Gemini battery holding twice the energy of the standard battery, but fit within the same space.

Based in Michigan, ONE aims to make safer and more sustainable batteries. The test with the Tesla Model S was a proof of concept for the two-year-old company.

ONE intends to put the Gemini battery into production after 2023.

The original battery on the Model S had a capacity of 103.9 kilowatt-hours (kWh). However, the prototype ONE battery that replaced it had a total of 207.3kWh, according to a report by Car and Driver.

Making the results even more impressive, the drive took place in mid-December in winter temperatures.

The company drove for nearly 14 hours and averaged 55 mph. The total trip was 752.2 miles. Later, the company completed a control test on a dynamometer.

The vehicle maintained a steady 55 mph and ran for 882 miles (1,419km) on a single charge.

ONE uses lithium iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries to pack more cells into the pack to lower the energy disadvantage against cobalt cells.

The company is already moving its first LFP battery, the Aries, into production later this year.

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