Airstream enters the EV market with concept eStream

Airstream is a cult hero of the RV and trailer world, and the ageless company just entered the EV world with its eStream concept.

Airstream’s parent company Thor Industries unveiled the concept that can live off the grid for up to two weeks.

The eStream is a concept camper that packs 80 kWh of energy into its batteries. These batteries can then feed a pair of electric motors to produce up to 242 horsepower.

That is right; the camper can help out the vehicle and take some load off the towing vehicle’s powertrain.

In addition, the eStream can even maneuver remotely when in Move mode to enable the perfect parking job at the campsite.

The eStream also includes 900 watts worth of solar panels on its roof to recharge its large battery.

The eStream is not just a camper, it is also a smart home. The trailer comes equipped with voice and touchscreen-activated climate and lighting controls.

In addition, it even has modern kitchen amenities and a fair bit of entertainment built-in.

Although this is just a concept, it looks like the trailer could go into production with relative ease. Thor Industries did not reveal what the eStream would retail for, but it certainly could be a hot commodity if the price is not too high.

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