First real-world Rivian R1T towing test shows huge range loss

The Rivian R1T has a towing capacity of 11,000 lbs. According to the company’s website, towing at that weight will reduce range “by about 50%.”

In the first real-world R1T towing test, that number is accurate, and if anything might be on the conservative side.

The data comes from a couple documenting their travels from Detroit to Los Angeles in a new R1T. Behind them is an open trailer with a Shelby Mustang GT. The entire setup, including the R1T, weighs in at 14,260 lbs.


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In a recent post to their Instagram account they shared a look at the cabin at night, revealing an extremely low range estimate from the onboard computer.

According to the center screen display, the electric truck has 44 miles of range with 37% battery remaining.

With a range of 315 miles (505km) on a full charge, that works out to just 118 miles from the 135kWh battery pack, or about 62% range loss.

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While the number is extremely low, there are some things to keep in mind.

The first is their speed – 73mph (117km/h). Travelling at that speed in an EV is going to reduce your range, even when not towing. Add in the extra weight at that speed, and your range is going to plummet.

Then there are the other external factors like weather, temperature, altitude, incline/decline, all of which can impact range, even in gas-powered trucks.

Based on posts to their social media account, they were expecting these kinds of numbers. Before they left on their journey they said they were “planning stops no further than 120 miles apart.’

Many of their other posts are about charging, most of which has been at Electrify America stations. Their biggest complaint has been the lack of pull-through charging spots.


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h/t: Rivian Forums

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