Trailer 12V auxiliary power disabled in recent tow hitch-equipped Model Ys due to upgraded 12V Li-Ion battery

Tesla has made a lot of changes to the Model 3 and Model Y with the introduction of the 2022 model year.

One of those was the addition of the new 12V Li-Ion battery first used in the refresh Model S. The battery is smaller, lighter, and lasts longer than the traditional lead-acid batteries.

Unfortunately there is one downside to the change for tow hitch-equipped Model Ys.

According to an internal memo, first reported by Sawyer Merritt, Tesla says the 12V auxiliary power has been disabled in these vehicles.

The memo, which we were able to verify, states a retrofit will be available later this year:

“Our new Li-Ion low voltage battery requires a new power conversion adapter to be compatible with 12-volt trailer power. Once this adapter is available in mid-2022, customers will be able to retrofit their vehicles to re-supply 12V power to their trailers if they desire.”

Fortunately, you will still be able to hook up your trailer and tow, as the memo also states trailer lights and brake lights are not impacted.

Along with this change, the memo also confirms several other changes we have previously reported on are being phased in to production at both Fremont and Giga Shanghai. All changes are expected to be in full production by the second quarter of 2022.

  • AMD Ryzen processor
    • “This computer improves the refresh rate and smoothness on the center display, produces quicker connectivity speeds and reduces load times for applications.”
  • 12V Li-Ion battery
    • “The Li-Ion low voltage battery does not impact customer experience, however it is lighter than the outgoing lead-acid battery and is easier to replace, which improves serviceability.”
  • Reduced speaker count
    • “We have removed the center instrument panel speaker to reduce complexity and redundancy with in appreciable difference in sound quality, and the new speaker set up gives us more flexibility in the future for sound audio improvements.”

The memo also talks about heated wipers, which we first told you about earlier this week. It is unclear from the memo when this feature will enter production.

  • Heated wiper park
    • In cold climates with heavy snow or ice, the heated wiper park helps un-freeze wipers from the lower section of the windshield. The feature can eb activated from the mobile app or center display when drivers enable Cabin Pre-Condition or defrost functionality.
      • All cars will come with necessary hardware and feature may be activated via OTA update shortly after delivery. Owners will be notified via Release Notes.

Unfortunately the memo also states none of these features will be offered as retrofits for existing owners.

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