Tesla Model Y’s in Canada will come with a towing capacity as pictures of ‘Trailer Mode’ emerge

When Tesla released the owners manual for the new Model Y, eager Tesla fans were quick to notice that the manual said the Model Y was not equipped for towing, and therefore had no towing capacity listed.

But leaked images sent to Tesmanian show that in the future, the Model Y may get an official tow rating and tow package called “Trailer Mode”.

As the lucky first owners of the Performance Model Y‘s that have been delivered so far have shown, there is no tow hitch installed as standard equipment in the rear bumper.

The leaked images show that at some point in the future, owners will be able to install a typical 7-way plug for attaching to trailers. This plug connects the vehicle to the trailer for things like brake lights, turns signals, and the brake controller. When a plug is attached, the vehicle automatically turns on “Trailer Mode”.

The leaked images also detail the towing capacity of the Model Y. For situations when there are 5 or fewer occupants in a Model Y with 20″ tires, the listed towing capacity is 3,200lbs (1,451kg).  It also lists the maximum tongue weight as 320lbs.

The image also shows that in Canada, the speed limit when towing a trailer will be limited to 89km/h (55mph).

Tesla Model Y Trailer Mode

There are a few interesting things to note with these leaked images. The first is that it only lists 20″ tires. Will that mean an optional towing accessory will only be available to Long Range owners who upgrade to 20″ wheels?

Also, it is unknown at this time if “Trailer Mode” will electronically limit the car to 89km/h, or if the driver will be able to go faster than the stated limit.

The fact the Model Y may soon come with a towing package is welcomed news to a lot of potential owners. Towing is one of the big reasons I still have a gas car, but if and when Tesla comes out with a towing package for the Model Y, I will no longer have a reason to keep it.

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