Refresh Tesla Model X with CCS2 charge port spotted in Norway

refresh norway
Credit: EspenLimstrand

Tesla unveiled a brand new CCS2 charge port on the refresh Model X at a media event in Taiwan earlier this month.

The new charge port gave hope to customers outside of North America, where CCS is the standard in many markets, that deliveries of the refresh design may be starting earlier than the current “second half of 2022” estimate.

While Tesla is still holding to that estimate, a refresh Model X was recently spotted in Norway.

Not only is it the refresh design with the yoke steering wheel, it is also sporting the new charge port design.

According to the VIN, which begins with 5YJ, the electric SUV was built at the Fremont factory.

Interestingly, the VIN doesn’t start with 7SA, the new designation for 2022 Model X (and Model Y) cars built at the California factory.

This means this is a 2021 model year car, indicating it was built in October 2021, or earlier.

This black Model X is presumably in the country for winter testing. Several Model X cars have also been spotted in Canada in the last few months, and based on what we have heard, they are also here for winter testing.

This isn’t the only interesting sighting in Norway. A Model Y made at Giga Berlin has also been spotted this month.

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