Full list of updates in 2022 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y uncovered – new in-cabin radar, upcoming UI changes, and much more

Tesla announced some changes to the Model 3 and Model Y last month with the switch to the 2022 model year, including some minor updates to the naming convention of their vehicles.

Along with updating the RWD Model 3 to include lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, Tesla included a number of other significant, and not so significant changes in the model year update.

The information was uncovered by tff-forum user Julien, a Model 3 owner in Germany, who discovered a full list of 29 changes published from testing in the Netherlands last month.

The list includes some things we already knew about like the new AMD Ryzen processor, 12V Li-Ion battery, and full acoustic glass.

There are however several other significant and important updates listed, some of which we don’t yet know how they will be implemented.

Model Y In-Cabin Radar

One of those is the addition of an “in-cabin radar” for the Model Y.

Earlier this year Tesla was granted approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to install millimeter-wave sensors in their cars.

Based on documents from the FCC, the radar sensors would be able to detect children who have been left behind in the car. Additionally, they would improve theft prevention systems by having a six-foot security range outside their vehicles and by detecting broken windows and vehicle intrusions.

Could Tesla be adding this technology in the 2022 model year?

User Interface (UI) Update

Another change that will likely make many owners happy is an update to the user interface (UI), which the document says will be based on the new UI seen in the Model S and Model X refresh.

New Connectivity Card

Another interesting addition is a “new connectivity card”. In a recent software update, Tesla began listing the “modem capabilities” of their cars as being “2G/3G/4G” compatible.

Is Tesla installing 5G capability?

Upgrades to Model 3 Performance Brakes

The list also details several changes to the Model 3 Performance brakes, including new pads, a new version of the brake discs, and updated brake pad friction material.

One other change that stood out is the addition of a “super horn”, which is described as a 3-in-1 horn, alarm, and loudspeaker.

Given these changes were published in the Netherlands, and some mention Giga Berlin and Europe specifically, several of these might be released first from Tesla’s newest factory.

However since the list also includes Model 3 changes, many of these are probably already implemented at Giga Shanghai.

The full list of changes is below.

  • Adding a new infotainment computer
  • Adding a New Low Voltage (15.5V) Lithium Ion Battery
  • Adding laminated glass for the rear door
  • Add In-Cabin Radar (Model Y)
  • Adding a new connectivity card
  • Adding new glass component approvals
  • Adding super horn (3-in-1 horn, alarm, loudspeaker) to AVAS version
  • Upgrading the infrared indoor camera (model Y)
  • Updating the windshield washer pump (for 15.5V)
  • Adding an R55 device as a rear towing device
  • Changes to the seat mechanism due to localized suppliers
  • Changes to the 2nd row restraint system
  • Adding the side airbag to the driver’s seat
  • 1./2. Series updated; Interior outline
  • 2nd row buckle sensor updated
  • Remove control of the call overhead console
  • Addition of the GFBB version of the side door and tailgate hinges
  • Adding a localized GFBB version of multiple electronics
  • Adding the wire wrap version of the rear DU to SR LFP + M3
  • Addition of M3 Perf M50 Hairpin Winding DU variant
  • Addition of the assembly plant Gigafactory 4 (Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • Add cargo mass to model Y
  • Adding Perf Brake Pads from European Sources (Model Y)
  • Adding a New Version of Performance Brake Discs (Model Y)
  • Adding Updated Perf Brake Pad Friction Material (Model 3)
  • Update the user interface (new format based on updated Model S / X)
  • Addition of the LG M50 (SL) battery variant for the M3 Performance
  • Adding a vision / camera system for M3 AutoPark function
  • Add a VIN number for the DU current
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