VinFast is coming to Canada in 2022 with two new EV SUVs

Vietnamese automaker VinFast is coming to Canada. The company unveiled its full EV lineup of five vehicles earlier this week at CES 2022.

At the event, VinFast confirmed that all the models are coming to Canada, starting with two electric SUVs in 2022.

The two SUV models coming to Canada are the VF8 and VF9.

VinFast did not confirm a timeline for the release in Canada. However, they noted they would release Canadian pricing in the next few weeks.

In the US, the VF8 starts at $41,000. While the VF9 begins at $56,000.

Many expect the Canadian versions to have similar warranties, features and battery programs like the US.

VinFast offers a ten year or 200,000 km warranty on the vehicles, according to reporting by

The company also has two levels of self-driving features depending on the trim, including connectivity for entertainment, smart home features and even in-car shopping.

The self-driving features are available monthly for $135 or via a one-time purchase of $6,500. Finally, VinFast also offers a battery lease program that sees the company replace batteries for free if the recharging capacity drops below 70 per cent.

Founded four years ago, VinFast has quickly established itself as a quality automaker in Vietnam.

The company builds its car under license from BMW and General Motors.

VinFast previously announced they would stop building internal combustion vehicles by the end of 2022 to focus on EVs.

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