Throttle House gives us the first Tesla Model Y drive review

The first deliveries of the Tesla Model Y only began a few days ago, and we already have our first first-drive video review, by none other than the Ontario based duo of Throttle House.

While one of the co-hosts, Thomas Holland, was stuck in Toronto due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, James Engelsman was the lucky one who made it to California and got behind the wheel of the blue Performance Model Y.

Staying true to its Performance lineage, the Performance Model Y reaches 0-60mph in a paltry 3.5 seconds (3.7s 0-100km/h), making it the slowest Performance model of any Tesla currently on offer. But as Engelsman points out, that is still fast than a Porsche Macan Turbo and Mercedes Benz GLC63s.

3.5 is hardly slow, in fact, that’s quicker than a Macan Turbo, quicker than a GLC63S, and its 3M competition. In fact, it’s the same 0-60 awith traction as a Dodge Chellenger Hellcat Redeye.

Engelsman takes us through a detailed look at the performance of the Performance, with the Performance upgrade (enough performance for you?). The host points out that while the SUV will never feel or handle the same as a Model 3 because of the higher and taller profile, its low centre of gravity thanks to the electric battery pack puts it pretty close.

Throttle House of course also gives us a good look at the interior of the Model Y, the reclining rear seats, and the spacious rear cargo area.

Check out the full video below for an entertaining first look at the Model Y.

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