Heated wipers coming soon to the Tesla Model 3/Y in China

A feature that used to be exclusive to the Model S is about to make its way to the 2022 Model 3 and Model Y in China – heated wipers.

The name can be a little misleading since it is not actually the wipers themselves that are heated. Instead, the windshield has heating elements where the wipers sit when they are not activated.

When ice builds up, simply turn on the feature and it will melt it away, just like it does with a rear window defroster.

Now @TeslaOwnersofMA has shared a picture of the new heated wiper button in the HVAC controls from a Model Y in China.


In speaking with Drive Tesla, @TeslaOwnersMA said they were provided the picture from a source who works at Tesla in China.

According to the source, Tesla is still testing the new feature on manufacturer units. The heated wipers have not yet made it into production, but will soon.

As with other changes that first appear in China, once it makes it into production at Giga Shanghai we should see this on North American made cars a few weeks or months later.

Heated wipers was first rumoured to be coming to the Model 3 and Model Y by hacker @greentheonly last month, after he said an extensive list of changes for the 2022 model year didn’t include it.

After a few years of removing small features, Tesla appears to be on the trend of adding or bringing some back.

Another change we told you about earlier today is the return of the plastic dead pedal cover in the Model 3.

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