Truckload of Tesla Model Y’s spotted in Ontario [Rumour]

Tesla currently lists the first deliveries in Canada for the upcoming Model Y will be in “mid-2020”. However, there have been multiple sightings today that could indicate the first deliveries in Canada could be happening much sooner.

There have been two independent reports of a carrier truck full of Model Y’s travelling along Highway 401, spotted between Kitchener and Woodstock, Ontario. One was posted to the TMC forum, and the other was posted on Facebook. Those were both reported in the early morning hours today, around 7:30am PST, and said the truck was heading east, possibly towards Toronto.

TMC Model Y sighting

Facebook Model Y sighting

Additionally, one of our readers has reached out to Tesla in Canada to let us know they spotted a truck carrying Model Y’s also travelling along Hwy 401 near Brockville, Ontario in the afternoon around 1:00PM PST. According to the spotter, the truck was still heading east, indicating a possible destination of Montreal, Quebec.

It should take about 5 hours to make the trip from Kitchener to Brockville. That would corroborate the two sightings, as they were approximately 5.5 hours apart.

Kitchener to Brockville

We have requested TeslaCam footage from the reader who contacted us, but so far there has been no photo or video evidence provided of the sightings. As has already happened, the Model Y can be confused for the Model 3, especially if it flies by you on the back of a transport truck, so these reports should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.

A destination of Quebec would make sense for the first Canadian deliveries of the Model Y. If Tesla is able to deliver some Model Y’s to Quebec in the month of March, that would mean the new owners would be able to take advantage of the $8,000 provincial rebate. In April, the limit for the rebate will be reduced from $75,000 to under $60,000 for qualifying vehicles, meaning the Model Y would no longer be eligible for the incentive.

To have this many reports of the same kind, all along Hwy 401, and that each would corroborate the location and possible destination seem like too much of a coincidence for it to not actually be Model Y’s.

Stay tuned, we will update this story as more information becomes available…

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