Tesla shows off Model Y with structural 4680 battery pack (and much more) at Giga Fest

Lucky Tesla fans in Germany were able to get an up close look inside the company’s newest factory in Germany today.

As part of Giga Fest, several thousand were able to tour inside the massive factory, giving us our first glimpses of a number of new exciting technologies that will debut when Giga Berlin opens later this year.

Model Y with 4680 Structural Pack

Perhaps the biggest reveal was the Model Y with the all new structural battery pack and 4680 cells. We have known that Tesla was planning to upgrade the Model Y with the new design since last year at Battery Day, but this is the first time we have actually seen images of one, or at least half of one.

On display inside the factory was a partially built Model Y with a cutaway view showing the 4680 cells inside the structural pack. Through an industry first manufacturing process, Tesla connects the front and rear single-piece casts directly to the battery pack, reducing costs, speeding up the manufacturing process, all resulting in an even safer car.

The company also showed how the seats will bolt directly on to the battery pack itself. This technology is also expected to debut at Giga Texas.

Giga Berlin Paint Shop

Fans were also able to learn more about the all-new paint shop, which Elon Musk has previously called the “world’s most advanced paint shop.”

According to information posted along the tour, the paint shop uses 50% water than the company initially planned.

Paint Berlin Image via @DerCaspar /Twitter
Berlin Paint Image via @DerCaspar /Twitter

Musk has already previously said the paint shop will introduce brand new colours to the Tesla lineup. One eagle-eyed fan was able to spot one of those new colours, Deep Crimson, the same colour seen previously on Musk’s personal Model S.

Model Y Adaptive Headlights

Tesla also confirmed for the first time that the Model Y does indeed have fully adaptive headlights, an important feature for the European market. The automaker had programmed the headlights to shine on a factory wall and display ‘TESLA’.


We had previously suspected the new headlights that have been on the Model 3 and Model Y since last year were adaptive, even though the feature was not enabled. Markings on the headlight housing, along with some unique characteristics that are usually present with adaptive headlights were a key giveaway that this feature was coming.

We will have to wait and see if Tesla provides a software update to enable this feature on existing cars, or if it will only be for new cars built at Giga Berlin.

There was a lot more to see inside Giga Berlin. For a good overview, check out this thread on Twitter below.

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