Giga Berlin Model Y will have structural battery pack with new 4680 cells

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said in the past that the Model Y produced at Giga Berlin will be radically different than the current Model Y produced at Fremont.

This morning Musk revealed new details about those differences which will see it use some of the advancements announced at Battery Day.

During the event last month, Musk outlined how the automaker will be making a fundamental shift in how its vehicles are made. Using the new Giga Press machines, the front and rear of future vehicles will be made from single cast pieces of aluminum. The other major changes were the introduction of a structural battery pack which will feature the company’s new 4680 battery cells.

Musk confirmed these changes, along with a new paint system, will be implemented at Giga Berlin when Model Y production begins, which is expected to happen next year.


That timeline is earlier than when most were thinking the new battery cells would enter production. Musk had said last month the new battery cells would reach high volume production by 2022, a figure which led many analysts to deem the event as underwhelming.

As Musk points out in his tweet, the new technology being implemented at Berlin will introduce significant production risk. After the process has been tested and verified in Germany, the changes will make their way to other Gigafactories about two years later.

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