Ford ‘Charge Angels’ created to help find faulty EV chargers across the U.S.

We have all heard the stories of how common it is for non-Tesla electric vehicle (EV) owners to pull up to a charger and find that it is either out of order or just doesn’t work correctly.

Ford has apparently heard the same message, and without a reliable charging network of their own, have created a team of ‘Charge Angels’ to seek out faulty EV chargers across the United States.

The idea came from the company’s general manager of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and Tesla quality control basher, Darren Palmer. In an interview with Automotive News, Palmer said their sole responsibility will be to drive from charger to charger and plug in their Mach-E to see if they work.

“All they’ll do all day long is go and check them to see where they fail and why. It’s a guardian angel who’s looking after you when you don’t even know you need it,” Palmer said.

Part of the reason for the team’s creation is to help avoid what could be a big problem in the future when the company launches their F-150 Lightning.

When the truck is released, there will be a lot of owners towing work or recreational trailers.

What Ford doesn’t want is to have owners be forced to maneuver their trailer so they can plug in, only to find it doesn’t work, then have to do it two, three, or more times to find a plug that works.

Details around the program, like how many Charge Angels there will be and where they will travel, are still being finalized.

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