Tesla Model Y’s with new headlights and updated center console now delivering in Canada

If you’re expecting to take delivery of a new Model Y in Canada soon, the chances are good you’ll receive your car with some of the latest updates from Tesla.

Fellow enthusiast and frequent Tesla owner Paul, aka Tesla Canuck, took delivery of his brand new Long Range (LR) Model Y this weekend in Vaughan, Ontario. With a build date of February 8 and a VIN ending in 123XXX, his car has the new console first seen in the Model 3 refresh last year.

Model Y console Tesla Canuck
Image via Tesla Canuck \YouTube

Unfortunately despite being told by his Tesla Advisor that his car would come equipped with the new headlights, it still featured the older design.

But they are now in Canada. Separately in another delivery in Ontario on Friday, Paul Elieff picked up his new Performance Model Y. In photos shared to the Tesla Model Y Canadian Facebook group he showed off his car with the new headlights, also first seen on the Model 3 refresh.

Tesla Model Y headlights
Image via Paul Elieff /Facebook

It is believed that the new headlights will only be available on the Performance variant of the Model Y. We have received reports that LR variants have been spotted with them, but have yet to see proof of this.

If you’ve seen a LR Model Y with the new headlights, let us know in the comments below or send us an email to tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

Here’s Paul’s video of his touchless delivery experience and some tips for when you’re picking up your first Tesla.

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