Deep Crimson refresh Tesla Model S spotted at Fremont factory

Last year CEO Elon Musk said the opening of the advanced paint shop at Giga Berlin would bring a new colour to Tesla’s lineup – deep crimson.

Just a few days later Ride The Lightning (RTL) podcast host Ryan McCaffrey shared images of what turned out to be Musk’s personal Model S at SpaceX headquarters already testing the new colour.

Crimson Red Tesla colour corrected
Image via Ryan McCaffrey /Twitter

Now a recent drone flyover of the Tesla’s factory in California reveals what appears to be a refresh Model S also finished in crimson red, hinting it might soon be coming to Fremont.

Although Tesla was trying to hide the vehicle from prying eyes, a poorly attached car cover that had blown off in the wind revealed the new colour on a partially complete Model S on June 5, 2021.

The colour was clearly different than the three uncovered Model S vehicles behind it. There were what appeared to be two other Model S vehicles in front of it that were also covered, suggesting they too might have been prototypes with the new colour.

If deep crimson does come to Fremont before Giga Berlin, it will have to happen soon. Images taken from inside the factory this month show the automaker has already installed a number of the manufacturing robots.

In a visit to the factory last month, Musk said he hopes to have production begin later this year.

You can check out the full video below, with the crimson red Model S appearing at about 3:15.

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