Tesla Giga Shanghai production continues to ramp as more than 30K cars rolled off production lines in April

Tesla Giga Shanghai video

Tesla officially opened their first factory outside the US, Giga Shanghai, in early 2020. Since then production has continued to ramp up, and even included the addition of a new line for the Model Y.

Four months into the year, and it looks like Tesla is well on their way to meeting their production targets for 2021. The latest figures shows Giga Shanghai was able to manufacture a total of 30,494 vehicles in April.

Of those, 22,136 were Model 3’s, with the Model Y making up the remaining 8,358.

Tesla China April productionWhile the numbers don’t look positive when compared to March, which saw 30,791 vehicles produced, there is a caveat. The Model Y production line was shut down for about two weeks during the month. That means even with only half the month available, they were almost able to produce as many Model Y’s as they did in March.

The figures are also positive when extrapolated to an annualized rate, working out to more than 365,000 cars.

The majority of the vehicles produced in April were exported to Europe. The automaker recorded sales of 11,671 vehicles during the month, meaning nearly 19,000 were shipped off to other countries.

h/t: Sawyer Merritt

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