Revel opens EV charging Superhub in Brooklyn after being blocked to operate in New York City

Revel has officially opened their first electric vehicle (EV) charging Superhub in Brooklyn, just over a week after being denied a license to operate a Tesla ride-hailing fleet in New York City (NYC).

The 25-stall charging station is the largest universal charging hub in the United States, and the first of several planned by the electric mobility company. A special ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the site this morning, with Revel CEO Frank Reig saying he hopes the opening will increase EV adoption in NYC.

“It’s no surprise that EV adoption is lagging in our city- the infrastructure just isn’t here yet, and the stations that do exist aren’t accessible to most New Yorkers,” said Revel CEO and Co-Founder Frank Reig. “Our Superhubs are designed to reach as many people as possible in the neighborhoods where they actually live. This is what NYC needs to move towards an electric future and we’re excited to get started.”

Currently just 14,000 EVs are registered in NYC, compared to 1.9 million cars and SUVs.

The site features 25 Tritium RTM fast chargers that operate at 75kW and are powered completely by renewable energy sources. Tesla owners will also be able to charge with special CHAdeMO converted plugs at each stall.

Revel CHAdeMO

Plugging in at the Superhub will cost 39 cents per kilowatt hour, equating to about $15 to $20 for a full charge for most EVs. To celebrate the opening, charging will be free for all users until July 6.

Revel was hoping to use the site to keep their fleet of 50 Tesla Model Y vehicles charged while operating as a NYC taxi, but those plans were put on hold last week. The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) voted to remove a special exemption for EVs that would have allowed them to receive their license to operate in the city.

The company says they are working with the TLC to find a solution that will allow them to deploy their Tesla fleet.


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