Best pictures of the interior of the Model Y emerge from delivery staging area in Arizona

With deliveries of the first batches of Tesla Model Y’s expected as soon as tomorrow, delivery centres have been receiving their allocations over the last couple of weeks from the Fremont factory.

A user on Reddit, u/eweaver1983, was able to access the delivery staging area in Scottsdale, Arizona and take a number of detailed photos of both the exterior and interior of a blue and midnight silver Performance Model Y.

The photos include shots of the exterior with all doors and frunk/trunk open, the inside of the frunk, the interior with the seats folded flat, and a number of shots of the spacious rear cargo area.

As described by a Tesla owner last month, who got an exclusive look at the interior of the Model Y while Supercharging, the trunk contains two additional lower storage areas, similar to the Model 3 which only has one. The second one is much smaller, and could fit something the size of a briefcase.

Some other details described by the lucky Tesla fan was that the interior was spacious, with lots of legroom that felt larger than the Model 3, and with a better seating position. “Leg room was great. I’m not tall but felt better than a 3 to me. I love the seating position compared to the 3.

He also described that the rear seats do not have a mechanical motor to drop them down, as had been previously rumoured. Instead, there are two buttons in the trunk area that you push and the seats fold down, much like many SUV’s on the market today.

He was also able to confirm the frunk is not motorized like the trunk, which we learned earlier this week had a power tailgate. Rear visibility is apparently also improved. “I always thought the rear visibility in the 3 sucked. Looking through the rear view mirror I couldn’t see anything. I made sure to check out how it was on the Y and it seemed much better.

The Model Y is not expected in Canada until mid-2020. Prices start at $72,390 CAD for the Long Range version, and $84,390 for the Performance version.

You can check out the full gallery below.

Model Y Pics

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