Giga Texas has already produced dozens of Tesla Model Y castings [Video]

Giga Texas castings
Image via Jeff Roberts /YouTube

Last week crews fired up the IDRA Giga Press machine in Austin and completed the first Model Y casting at Giga Texas. At the time we all suspected the test piece was the rear casting for the electric SUV, something Tesla has been producing at Giga Shanghai and Fremont for several months.

Just a few days later it was revealed it was actually the front casting, marking the first time we have seen it being produced at any Tesla factory.

Now less than a week later, a drone flyover of Giga Texas shows the Giga Press has been busy producing dozens more.

In a video captured yesterday on day 299 of construction by Jeff Roberts, more than 30 of the castings can be seen around the area of the Giga Press machine.

Model Y castings Giga Texas
Image via Jeff Roberts /YouTube
Tesla castings Giga Texas
Image via Jeff Roberts /YouTube

Although it is difficult to tell, all of them appear to be the front underbody castings. Some were right at the entrance to the Giga Press area, almost as if crews put them there so the multiple drone operators could get a good look at them.

Seeing the pace of construction as well as machinery like the Giga Press already working is a positive sign that Tesla is on pace to open the factory later this summer.

You can check out the full video below. The Giga Press and castings can be seen about 8 minutes into the video.

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