Tesla Model Y with new center console delivered in Salt Lake City, Utah [Update]

The transition of all the new components into the Tesla Model Y is almost complete after the first delivery of the electric SUV with the updated center console.

The delivery took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, the same location as the first Model Y delivery and the first delivery of the refreshed Model 3. According to the lucky new owner, BojangleGuy on TMC, he ordered his Long Range Model Y on February 3rd, and picked it up tonight, February 11.

His car with a VIN of 115XXX featured the new center console, first seen on the refreshed Model 3. He also said it came with the heated steering wheel activated, showing a picture of the controls on the in-car display.

The owner added that his Model Y does not feature the new headlights, even though they were found on a Model Y last week with a VIN of 124XXX. Interesting, that Model Y did not have the new center console.

UPDATE: Another Model Y with the new center console (VIN of 122778, build date February 9) was spotted in Sacramento at Rocklin Tesla.

As with other design changes we’ve seen over the last few months, Tesla appears to be mixing and matching pieces until they completely run out of existing inventory of the old center consoles and headlights.

Other features we’re still waiting to see appear on Model Y’s in the US is the new door trim and Bioweapon Defense Mode now included on Model Y’s built at Giga Shanghai.

Has anyone else received a Model Y with the new center console? Let us know in the comments below.

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