Deliveries of the refreshed 2021 Tesla Model 3 have begun in the US

The first deliveries of the refreshed Model 3 aren’t scheduled to begin until towards the end of November in Canada, but what may be the very first one has already been delivered in the US.

David Narayan took delivery of his midnight silver metallic 2021 Model 3 yesterday, November 7, in Utah. According to the staff at his local Tesla delivery center, it was the first one to be delivered out of their location.

According to the video description, he placed his order several months ago, but put it on hold as he learned he was expecting a baby.

“Got very lucky when I ordered my M3. Just a little back story, I had made my reservation a few months ago, but I put it on hold because I learned I was having a baby. Fast forward to a week ago, I logged in to make my order and noticed that I could get the 2021 version. After processing the update I called Telsa and they said I wouldn’t get my car until early to mid-December. a few days later they texted me asking when I could pick it up, literally that fast. Not sure how, but it happened.”

One of the more eagerly anticipated upgrades in the new Model 3 are the laminated (double pane) windows, which are supposed to improve sound proofing in the cabin. Despite not being in a Model 3 before, Narayan said the interior cabin noise is eerily quiet with the new windows.

In his video, he also gives us a look at the new aero wheels caps, power trunk, updated center console and wireless charger, new steering wheel controls, and glovebox USB flash drive.

Despite not opening his frunk for us to be able to see what’s underneath, Narayan said when he took delivery the tech did confirm his Model 3 has the new heat pump.

Check out the full video below.

UPDATE: Another white Model 3 was delivered today in Costa Mesa, and the owner posted the following pictures.

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