Tesla Model S Plaid reaches 60mph in 1.96 seconds, and will complete Nürburgring lap in the low 7-minute range

In a more than three hour interview you can talk about a lot of topics. Tesla CEO Elon Musk did just that in the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast.

One of the topics covered was the brand new Model S Plaid and its insane performance specifications which appear to be even better than advertised.

Announced just last week, Tesla’s website says it is the “quickest accelerating car in production today,” able to reach 60mph in 1.99 seconds. Staying true to his latest trend of under-promising and over-delivering, Musk revealed some very recent tests have been shown it is even quicker.

“The new Model S Plaid that we start shipping this month, we just tested it on the MotorTrend spec, 0-60 is 1.96 seconds.”

To put that kind of acceleration into perspective, Musk said the car can reach 60mph before it clears an intersection.

While straight-line performance like that is fun, another challenge is maintaining that speed around a track.

The Nürburgring is one of the longest and most difficult racetracks in the world. Last year prototypes of the Model S Plaid completed a lap in an unofficial time of 7m13s.

Musk believes the production versions can beat that time, likely reaching the low 7-minute mark or even better.

“We’re trying to get to, on the Nürburgring, get to like the low 7-minute mark. And then with further improvements, I think we could bust 7 minutes on the Nürburgring, which would be a pretty wicked outcome.”

If they are able to achieve a time that quick, it would challenge the record for the fastest lap-time of any production car ever raced at the track.

Given that it is priced at just $159,990 CAD ($119,990 USD), it may be the bank for your buck for hypercar-level performance.

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