Tesla Model Y Bioweapon Defense Mode uses dual-layer filters

Tesla Model Y owners in China are getting to enjoy a feature exclusive to the electric SUV in their market (so far), Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Now that the first deliveries in China are well underway, we are getting our first detailed look at the HEPA filters that make the feature possible, revealing an interesting surprise.

In a video uploaded to the Chinese video sharing website Bilibili, we see the made-in-China Model Y actually uses a dual-filter setup. On top there are two standard air filters, similar to those seen in the Model 3. Once those are removed, we get to see the large HEPA filters sit underneath.

Model Y HEPA filters

This setup makes it quick and easy to replace the filters. The additional standard filter will be able to capture some particulates before they reach the HEPA filters, likely increasing the longevity of the system.

Model Y BioWeapon Defense Mode Test

In a comparison test with a Performance Model 3 outfitted with just the standard air filters, we see just how much of a difference the HEPA filters make.

Allowing cigarette smoke to enter through the vents, a PM2.5 (referring to particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller in diameter) detector inside the Model Y registers a reading of just 28. Anything under 55 is considered “normal.”

The cabin of the Model 3 registers a reading of 600. Anything over 250 is considered “very high.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen under the frunk of the Giga Shanghai Model Y. Earlier this month we saw the frunk cover removed, revealing the easy-to-access location of the filters.

As with other changes that have first appeared in China, it is likely only a matter of time before we see this feature on Model Y’s made in Fremont.

h/t: Reddit

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