Fremont-made Tesla Model 3’s now equipped with heated steering wheels

Earlier this week we saw the first Tesla Model 3 with a heated steering wheel, which was built at Giga Shanghai. Now just days later, the feature has emerged on a Long Range (LR) Model 3 built at Fremont.

The discovery was posted to the TMC forums by user 808BOB, who took delivery of his Model 3 on Thursday, February 4. Like the Model Y with the new headlights we told you about yesterday, this vehicle was from the San Francisco Bay area.

According to the new owner, his vehicle has a VIN ending in 902XXX and interestingly has a software version of 2020.47.101.1. This is different than the Model Y’s that have so far appeared with the heated steering wheel. They have software version 2020.39.110.

The addition of the heated steering for the Model 3/Y has been one of the most requested features by owners. It is expected that more Model 3/Y’s will get the hand-warmer when Tesla releases the second half of the delayed holiday software update.

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