Heated steering wheel now included on Tesla Model Y, including new Standard Range variant

After a long wait, Tesla has finally answered the prayers of thousands of fans by adding a heated steering to the Model Y.

The heated steering has been rumoured to be coming to the electric SUV for several months. Hacker greentheonly first found reference to it in the source code of a software update.

The feature was then confirmed when the automaker announced the Model Y in China last month, but customers in North America were still left out in the cold.

Now the wait is over. A brand new Standard Range Model Y was seen today by our friends at The Kilowatts, and they shared photos and a video of the heated steering wheel in action.

Tesla still does not list the feature on the Design Studio. Since deliveries are expected to start in 2-5 weeks, we expect it to be updated soon.

The heated steering wheel should also be coming to the Model 3 in the near future, as the same hints found in the source code by green referenced the electric sedan. It was also included in an update last week on the Chinese version of Tesla’s website.

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