Standard Range Tesla Model Y officially added to CEV for BC rebate list of eligible vehicles

Good news for perspective Standard Range (SR) Model Y buyers in British Columbia. The new variant of the electric SUV has officially been added as an eligible vehicle for the CEV for BC rebate.

When Tesla surprised everyone last week with the announcement of the SR Model Y,  it appeared at first glance that it would not qualify for the $3,000 B.C. rebate. The starting price at $56,290 appeared to be above the $55,000 program limit.

The catch was the price included several fees, which when taken off brought it down to $54,900.

Tesla fees

Tesla’s online configurator did show the $3,000 rebate being applied, but had a note indicating it hadn’t officially been approved.

Now the CEV for BC website has been updated to include the SR Model Y as an eligible vehicle (h/t @teslainvernon), bringing the price down to $51,900.

SR Model Y CEV
Image via CEV for BC

Unfortunately the SR Model Y is still not eligible for the federal iZEV rebate. To do so, Tesla would have to introduce another software limited version and price it under $45,000.

We believe the 7-seat option will not qualify either because its base price is above the $55,000 limit for vehicles with 7 or more seats.

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