Tesla to Make Next-Gen Car, Cybertruck, Model Y & 4680 Batteries at Giga Mexico

Tesla continues to work on plans to develop its new factory, Giga Mexico. According to the governor of Nuevo León, in addition to building the next-generation car, the company is also going to produce Cybertruck, and maybe Model Y, and its 4680 batteries there.

Nuevo León Governor Samuel Garcia Sepulveda said the state is holding frequent meetings with Tesla to ensure discussions are transparent. He was positive, talking about the progress and incentives that had been given for the factory’s infrastructure.

“This committee is voting to deliver on what it promised to Tesla, Mr. Musk. I am glad that the other side, that is, Tesla, is satisfied with the terms of these incentives, which are minor compared to other cases,” said Garcia according to Milenio.

The governor emphasized that he is very pleased that negotiations with Tesla are transparent. He recalled the past bad experiences the state had gone through.

“Several years ago we had a precedent that deprived our state of legal security when we gave away a lot of land and money. It was an opaque fight, a fight that tarnished us internationally, and then there was a lot of corruption. Here, on the contrary, I am very pleased with the request to see each other constantly, we want this to be as transparent as possible because the better this process goes, the more security it will give to the outside world,” the governor said.

Garcia noticed that in meetings with Tesla, he heard how the plan for the factory became more and more voluminous. The company intends to increase the size of Giga Mexico compared to its original plan, he said. According to the governor, the company initially planned to produce the new generation car at the factory. He also confirmed that Cybertruck production is also planned for the location. In addition, the new Model Y line and its 4680 battery packs are expected there. This suggests that the size of Giga Mexico will be two or three times larger than originally planned.

“The size of the plant, we were told, would be double or triple that size, and that it would produce not only Tesla’s new fuel-efficient car, but also the Cybertruck, possibly another production line for the Model Y and 4680 batteries.

“There are three or four factories in one, and at every meeting, we have to change the size of the water treatment plant that the factory will need, the size of the ramps, the entrances and walkways, the connections,” said Samuel Garcia, stressing that regardless of the size of the required infrastructure, the amount of incentives is limited. Tesla agreed with this condition and simply needs help creating infrastructure, the governor noted.

“They told us: ‘Very good, we bought the idea of buying from Santa (Catarina), just help us with the infrastructure, we don’t want gifts like the previous company.’

“We are not giving them a piece of land, we are not giving them a single peso, what they are asking for will have an impact more or less at the regional level,” he said.

Garcia also noted that previously, the state’s growth was concentrated in the west, but with Tesla, it now reaches the east.

“There was a lack of mobility, many water supply and urbanization projects were missing, this part is practically virgin,” he noted.

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