Tesla updates Model Y Design Studio in China: deliveries to begin January 2021 with lower price, new center console, Bioweapon defense mode, and heated steering wheel [Update]

Tesla Model Y China Design Studio

Tesla has updated the Design Studio in China for the Model Y announcing the start of deliveries in January 2021, and also dropped the price while at the same time including a number of new features for the electric SUV.

The big news is the release date and the price drop. Previously the Design Studio said deliveries would begin in early 2021, but has now been updated with a more precise date of January 2021. This was somewhat expected as rows of Model Y’s have been recently been spotted outside Giga Shanghai.

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Tesla also made a huge update to the prices of the Model Y in China, dropping it by more than $30,000 CAD with both variants now cheaper than prices in North America.

The Long Range (LR) Model Y now starts at ¥ 339,900 ($66,277 CAD), down from the previous price of ¥ 488,000 ($87,355 CAD). The Performance variant also got a price drop from ¥ 535,000 ($104,319 CAD) to ¥ 369,900 ($72,126 CAD).

With the updated price, Tesla also added a number of features in the Model Y, confirming it now comes with a heated steering wheel and Bioweapon Defense Mode, and the new center console first seen in the Model 3 refresh.

Tesla also made a number of changes for the Model 3 Design Studio, updating it to include the refresh version and Zero-G Performance wheels.

UPDATE #1: As you can see in the image above, Tesla has also redesigned the door panel of the Model Y (and the Model 3) in China. It now includes a wood accent that matches and appears to extend from the wood dash.

These features have been expected to arrive in the Model Y soon, with hints of all of them being spotted by Tesla hacker @greentheonly.

UPDATE #2: The made-in-China Model Y now also includes the new headlights that first appeared on the Model 3.

MIC MOdel Y headlights

This is a developing story, check back for updates…

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