Tesla updates Model Y Design Studio in China: deliveries to begin January 2021 with lower price, new center console, Bioweapon defense mode, and heated steering wheel [Update]

Tesla Model Y China Design Studio

Tesla has updated the Design Studio in China for the Model Y announcing the start of deliveries in January 2021, and also dropped the price while at the same time including a number of new features for the electric SUV.

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The big news is the release date and the price drop. Previously the Design Studio said deliveries would begin in early 2021, but has now been updated with a more precise date of January 2021. This was somewhat expected as rows of Model Y’s have been recently been spotted outside Giga Shanghai.

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Tesla also made a huge update to the prices of the Model Y in China, dropping it by more than $30,000 CAD with both variants now cheaper than prices in North America.

The Long Range (LR) Model Y now starts at ¥ 339,900 ($66,277 CAD), down from the previous price of ¥ 488,000 ($87,355 CAD). The Performance variant also got a price drop from ¥ 535,000 ($104,319 CAD) to ¥ 369,900 ($72,126 CAD).

With the updated price, Tesla also added a number of features in the Model Y, confirming it now comes with a heated steering wheel and Bioweapon Defense Mode, and the new center console first seen in the Model 3 refresh.

Tesla also made a number of changes for the Model 3 Design Studio, updating it to include the refresh version and Zero-G Performance wheels.

UPDATE #1: As you can see in the image above, Tesla has also redesigned the door panel of the Model Y (and the Model 3) in China. It now includes a wood accent that matches and appears to extend from the wood dash.

These features have been expected to arrive in the Model Y soon, with hints of all of them being spotted by Tesla hacker @greentheonly.

UPDATE #2: The made-in-China Model Y now also includes the new headlights that first appeared on the Model 3.

MIC MOdel Y headlights

This is a developing story, check back for updates…

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