Does the Tesla Model Y have a heated steering wheel? Source code says yes

Before the refreshed 2021 Model 3 was officially announced by Tesla, all signs were pointing to it having a heated steering wheel. The biggest hint was provided by well known Tesla hacker @greentheonly, who discovered in October reference to the feature in the source code.

Then when Tesla officially announced the updates, there was no mention of a heated steering wheel. Instead, the only update to the steering wheel were new metal scroll wheels. Fast forward a few weeks and the latest builds of the Model Y began including some of the new upgrades from the Model 3, one of them being the new steering wheel.

Then earlier this morning we reported the heated steering wheel in the Model 3 would be activated in the upcoming holiday software update.

Now we are happy to report that green has confirmed with Drive Tesla the same code that revealed the heated steering for the Model 3 also appears for the Model Y. That means the most recent builds will likely also see the heated steering activated later this month.

Does your Model Y have the new steering wheel? Let us know in the comments below.

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