Canadian Tesla Model Y reservation holders being told to prepare for delivery

Earlier this week Tesla Model Y reservation holders in the US started receiving emails that their vehicles were going to be ready for delivery in mid-March. In that same email, they were asked to select a delivery date from a choice of options.

Canada is not expected to get the first deliveries until “mid-2020”, but it appears that Canadian reservation holders are seeing new information when they log in to their accounts indicating deliveries may happen earlier than scheduled.

Several reservation holders have contacted Tesla in Canada to say that after logging into their Tesla account, they are being told to “Prepare for delivery”.

Tesla Model Y Glen prepare for delivery Canada 2
Image courtesy @glenmah

This page asks the reservation holder to enter in their postal code for a preferred delivery location. So far we have received reports of this appearing in accounts from as far west as Victoria, BC, and as far east as Kingston, Ontario, and so far only for AWD configurations.

While no Canadians have received emails asking them to select a delivery date like our neighbours to the south, this new information is a good indication that Tesla is on track to deliver Model Y’s to eager Canadian customers sooner rather than later.

Do you have this showing up on your Tesla account? So far it has only been reported on AWD orders. What configuration did you order and when? Let us know in the comments below.

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