Refresh Tesla Model S vehicles pile up at Fremont again as deliveries are placed on hold

Fremont Model S
Image via 在曠野遇見神 /YouTube

Tesla finally began deliveries of the refresh Model S in June, six months after the production lines were shutdown to retool them for the new design. The lengthy period of time was due to a longer than expected retool, but also suspected supply chain issues.

Unfortunately it looks deliveries have been temporarily halted as customers are being notified of delays and the vehicles are piling up again at the Fremont factory.

News of the delays were first shared to Reddit, where u/MrExitStrategy said a “national-wide delivery hold” had been placed on both the Long Range (LR) and Plaid variants of the flagship sedan. Multiple other users confirmed they had heard the same information from their Delivery Advisors, but the employees were just as much in the dark as the owners were as to the reason for the delay.

One Reddit user shared an image of a conversation with the Austin Tesla Center that shed some possible light on the issue, where an employee says an “updated inspection process” could be the cause.


Evidence of the delays can be found in Fremont, where hundreds of the refresh Model S sedans are once again piling up at various areas of the factory.

Fremont Model S July 20
Image via Tesla Fremont Flyover /YouTube

A similar scene is taking place at the temporary holding lot just a few miles away from the factory. Since the parking lot was first found in May, the hundreds of vehicles have not moved with seemingly no cars taken away for customer delivery.

Model S temp lot
Image via Tesla Fremont Flyover /YouTube

Hopefully this delay is resolved quickly, as the first Canadian deliveries of the new Model S are expected to begin in August. If the new inspection process is not completed soon, those deliveries could be pushed back into the fall.

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