Tesla cuts prices across entire lineup in Canada

Tesla is still not done with cutting prices for its vehicles. While most markets around the world have seen price reductions over the last week, Canadian prices had been left untouched, but that changed today with price reductions across all models and trims, with the exception of the new Model 3 Performance.

Model 3 Price Changes

According to an update to the Design Studio on Tuesday evening, the Model 3 has seen price reductions for the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range (LR) variants, both dropping by $3,000 and now starting at $50,990 and $60,990 respectively. The new Model 3 Performance announced earlier today remains the same at $69,990.

Add in the iZEV rebate of $5,000, and the effective starting price of both models are now just $45,990 and $50,990 (taxes are calculated on the base price).

Model Y Price Changes

At the same time, all trims of the Model Y have also dropped, but only by $1,000. The RWD now starts at $53,990, LR at $63,990, and the Performance at $68,990. All three trims remain eligible for the iZEV rebate.

Model S/X Price Changes

The Model S All-Wheel Drive (AWD) now starts at $97,990, and the Plaid variant now starts at $122,990. Meanwhile, the Model X AWD has dropped to $107,990, and the Model X Plaid now starts at $128,990. (h/t: @kkvr2823)

These are the first price adjustments for Tesla’s flagship vehicles in Canada since August and October of last year. In August Tesla lowered prices on all trims of the Model S and Model X, but then in October raised prices on the Plaid variants of both models.

Here is a breakdown of all of the price changes on Tuesday. If you have an existing order that has not yet been delivered, Tesla will automatically adjust your price.

VehicleOld PriceNew PriceDifference
Model 3 RWD$53,990$50,990-$3,000
Model 3 LR$63,990$60,990-$3,000
Model Y RWD$54,990$53,990-$1,000
Model Y LR$64,990$63,990-$1,000
Model Y Performance$69,990$68,990-$1,000
Model S AWD$99,990$97,990-$2,000
Model S Plaid$124,990$122,990-$2,000
Model X AWD$109,990$107,990-$2,000
Model X Plaid$130,990$128,990-$2,000

These price drops less than one week after Tesla made the same $2,000 price adjustments on the Model S and Model X in the United States. In those price reductions, the Model Y was also impacted, but there have been no similar price changes to the Model 3 and Model Y in Canada on Tuesday.

Many other markets have also seen price reductions over the past week, including in Europe, the Middle East, China, Australia, and more.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article omitted the price drops for the Modem Y RWD and LR. This has been corrected, we apologize for any confusion caused.

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