Tesla unveils new CCS2 charge port in refresh Model S/X [Update]

Tesla has unveiled today an updated charge port design for the Model S and Model X in international markets featuring a CCS2 charge port.

Until now the Model S/X in Europe and other markets have only had a modified type 2 plug which requires the use of an adapter in order for the car to be plugged in at Superchargers and third-party DC fast chargers.

This isn’t an ideal solution as not only is a clunky adapter required for Tesla’s flagship vehicles, it also limits charging speeds to under 150kW.

Ahead of the launch of the Model S/X in markets outside North America, Tesla has now added a native CCS2 charge port for both vehicles.

The new charge port was unveiled today at a special viewing event in Taiwan.

The charge port door is cleverly designed using the same parts from the Model 3 and Model Y, with the door inverted to match the lines of the Model S/X, as seen in this photo from DDCar.

UPDATE Jan 11 7:31am PST: Here is a video of the new charge port door opening and closing, taken by Tesla Owners Taiwan.

This isn’t the only design change unveiled today.

The Model S has also gained new projector headlights with matrix technology like those found in the Model 3 and Model Y.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article mentioned the source of the photo in the photo caption. This has been added to the body of the article for clarity.

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