Tesla updates Trip Planner to include refresh Model S/X, including Plaid

In what may be the quickest update ever to its Trip Planner, Tesla has added the new refresh Model S and Model X vehicles to the tool, including the new Plaid variants.

Tesla began deliveries of the Model S Plaid less than one month ago on June 10 with a special event at the Fremont factory. Unlike the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 that took more than a year and a half to be added to the tool, Tesla has already added the Long Range and Plaid Model S vehicles in an update earlier this week (h/t: @BabyTesla3)

Setting a precedent for future updates, the Long Range and Plaid variants of the Model X have also been added before they are even officially available.

Route Planner
Image via Tesla

With the new vehicles and new EPA range estimates, the tool says the Model S Plaid can make the 5,838km (3,627 mile) journey between Vancouver and Halifax in 74 hours. That estimate includes 22 Supercharger stops along the way.

The extended range of the Plaid gives it a 3 hour advantage over Tesla’s lowest range vehicle, the SR+ Model 3. According to the tool, it can complete the same trip in 77 hours and 25 Supercharger stops.

In addition to showing the route with recommended charging stops and the amount of time needed at each, the tool also provides an estimate of the gas savings. The savings are calculated assuming Supercharging costs an average of $0.26 per kWh, gas costs $1.10/liter, and assumes the gas car gets 8.4l/100km.

The automaker also includes a well placed ORDER button, just in case what you see on the screen is enough to convince you to buy a Tesla. If you’re still on the fence, you can also schedule a test drive.

You can try out the Trip Planner here.

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