Tesla begins setting up for Model S Plaid delivery event after repaving test track

Tesla initially shut down the Model S/X production lines in December for a planned 3-week retooling to set them up for the refresh design. That shutdown extended for nearly two months, and rumoured parts shortages forced the automaker to delay deliveries that were initially planned to begin in March.

After a long wait it looked like deliveries were finally going to be begin on June 3 after CEO Elon Musk announced they were going to hold a special delivery event at the Fremont factory. In typical Musk fashion that date was pushed back by one extra week to June 10 to allow for “more tweaks” to the car.

It looks like that date is going to hold as crews have started setting up for the event on the Fremont test track.

The setup was captured by Tesla Fremont Flyover (formerly Gabeincal), showing two massive stage and lighting structures in the early stages of construction.

Fremont test track
Image via Tesla Fremont Flyover /Twitter

As we reported last week, Tesla has also repaved their test track for event, indicating we might see a demo of the Model S Plaid’s sub-2 second acceleration, or test drives will be held after the event.

The delivery event will take place at 7:00pm PST (10:00pm EST) and will be livestreamed on Tesla’s website.

Here’s the full flyover showing the setup and other parts of the factory.

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