Tesla removes reference to refresh Model S/X tilting display

While we wait for the first deliveries of the refresh Model S and Model X, Tesla has quietly made a change to its website about one of the new features we were expecting to see.

When the new models were announced in January, Tesla’s website said the all-new horizontal 17″ display in both the Model S and Model X would have a left-right tilt. It took a while, but we finally saw the tilt in action when a lucky owner came across a refresh Model S at the Kettleman City Supercharger.

It has also been seen several times since then, like in this photo from a Model S seen parked on the side of the road in San Francisco.

Model S tilt
Image via SiliconValleyTeslas /Instagram

Some time in the last few weeks Tesla has quietly removed reference to the tilt from their website, simply deleting it from the feature pages for both vehicles. (h/t: @merlinnot)

before tiltafter tilt

We know so far that production supply issues is at least one of the reasons that deliveries have been delayed. Given that we have already seen test vehicles with the tilt screen installed, it seems like a strange feature to remove from production, if that is the reason behind the website change.

We’ll have to wait and see if this change is temporary or permanent.

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