Teslas added to rental fleets in Berlin and London

The next time you’re in either Berlin or London, and you’re looking to rent a car, you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3 or Model S from UFODrive.

UFODrive is an electric car rental company currently operating 12 European cities, with plans to expand into 9 more during 2020. Anyone wanting to rent an EV from UFODrive can do so using their app, and pickup the vehicle from their locations around town.

With their two most recent openings in Berlin and London, they have added the Tesla Model 3, which can be rented for €99 ($144 CAD) per day in Berlin or £109 ($186 CAD) in London, or the Tesla Model S for €149 ($216CAD) per day in Berlin. Rentals include a comprehensive insurance policy and the ability to add up to 3 additional drivers (via Electrive).

UFODrive Brussels Tesla

One aspect of renting electric vehicles that can be daunting is the charging process, which is very unfamiliar to someone who has never driven and charged an EV before. The Tesla’s in UFODrive’s fleet can be charged free of charge at any Tesla Supercharger, with the cost being absorbed by UFODrive. They also provide a charging cord with the vehicles if the user wants to charge at somewhere other than a Supercharger.

The addition of Tesla’s to high-mileage fleets like rentals, taxi services, and even police forces appears to be gaining traction, as people realize the large fuel and maintenance savings with Tesla vehicles.

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