Watch a Porsche Taycan Turbo S go head to head against a Model S P100D

As soon as the new Porsche Taycan EV was revealed last month, comparisons began immediately with Tesla’s fastest EV, the Model S. Now a German TV show, Auto Mobil, has been able to get their hands on both EVs, and pit them against each other in a series of tests, one of which is a drag race.

Going by the stats, a Tesla Model S P100D can get from 0-60mph in 2.28 seconds, if it has Ludicrous mode turned on. By comparison, the fastest version of the Porsche Taycan, the Turbo S, can reach 60mpg in 2.6 seconds. On paper, the Tesla should win this battle, but in the test performed by Auto Mobil, the Tesla was first off the line, but as the race progresses, the Taycan Turbo S caught up and passed the Tesla.

Conditions weren’t optimal, and both vehicles had the factory street tires that came stock from the factory, but it appears that Porsche won this battle. It should be noted that the Porsche is priced significantly higher, starting at $213,900CDN compared to $134,990CDN for the Tesla Model S.

Tesla will also be coming out next year with an improved three motor drivetrain, dubbed Plaid, that will increase the performance of the Model S, but figures have yet to be released.

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