Tesla owner hits 1 million miles (1.609 million km) in his 2013 Model S

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Credit: @gem8mingen /Twitter

The miles keep racking up for Hansjörg Gemmingen and his 2013 Model S P85+. After crossing 1,000,000 kilometers (621,371 miles) on November 28, 2019, it has taken Gemmingen less than three years to cross the historic 1,000,000 mile (1,609,344km) mark.

The prolific driver caught the magic moment on camera, sharing a photo on Twitter of the odometer reading exactly 1,000,000 miles with the caption “#NewProfilePicture.”

Even though his car has lasted 1,000,000 miles, many of the components have had to be replaced, several times over.

Gemmingen has had to replace the rear motor four times. According to a recent interview with The Driven, the first motor last nearly 800,000km (497,000mi), but the last four have not had the same longevity, each lasting 200,000km each (124,000mi).

He is also currently on his third battery pack, a 63.1kWh pack that has about 310km (193mi) of range on a full charge after driving it for about 400,000km (248,000mi).

Now that he has passed 1 million miles, Gemmingen is considering a longer range EV to break his own records. His top pick right now is the Lucid Air, which with 520 miles (836km) of range, he should be able to rack up the miles even quicker.

If you think he must spend all of his time in his Model S, you might be surprised to know he also owns an original Tesla Roadster with over 650,000km (403,000mi).

Tesla Model S owner sets new high mileage record

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