Tesla raises prices in China, Australia, Germany, Japan and more

One day after raising prices on all their vehicles in Canada and the United States, Tesla has raised prices in a number of other markets on Friday.

According to updates to the online Design Studio in China, Australia, Germany, and several other countries, the price changes impact both the Model 3 and Model Y.

The increases are inline with the changes made in North America and are likely the result of high demand paired with increasing prices of raw materials and inflation.

China Price Increases

In China the price for the Model 3 Long Range (LR) the price increased to ¥279,900 ($54,100 CAD), while the Model Y LR increased to ¥394,900 ($76,300 CAD). (h/t: @Sino_Market)

  • Model 3 LR – ¥265,652 to ¥279,900 (+¥14,248 [$2,790 CAD])
  • Model Y LR – ¥375,900 to ¥394,900 (+¥19,000 [$3,670 CAD])

Germany Price Increases

German customers have seen the prices increase for the Model 3 LR have increased €2,500 to €59,940 ($81,700 CAD), the Model 3 Performance to €63,940 ($86,500 CAD), and the Model Y Performance to €65,940 (89,300 CAD). (h/t: @tesla_adri)

Similar price changes can be seen in Austria, the United Kingdom, France, and more.

  • Model 3 LR – €57,400 to €59,940 (+€2,500 [$3,400 CAD])
  • Model 3 P – €61,990 to €63,490 (+€1,500 [$2,045 CAD])
  • Model Y P – €63,990 to €65,490 (+€1,500 [$2,045 CAD])

Australia Price Increases

Exactly one week after launching orders for the Model Y in Australia, Tesla has already raised the price of the electric SUV, increasing the RWD to AUD$72,300 ($65,600 CAD) and the Performance to AUD$96,700 ($87,700 CAD). (h/t: @ev_australia)

Interestingly, New Zealand and Singapore, which also started taking Model Y orders last week, did not see any price increases.

  • Model Y RWD – AUD$68,900 to AUD$72,900 (+AUD$3,000 [$2,700 CAD])
  • Model Y P – AUD$93,900 to AUD$96,700 (+AUD$3,000 [$2,700 CAD])

Japan Price Increases

Japan has also seen a price increase for the Model Y one week after it became available in the country. The RWD variant is now ¥6,438,000 ($62,200 CAD) and the Performance now starts at ¥8,333,000 ($8,600 CAD).

  • Model Y RWD – ¥6,190,000 to ¥6,438,000 (+¥248,000 [$2,400 CAD])
  • Model Y P – ¥8,090,000 to ¥8,333,000 (+¥243,000 [$2,350 CAD])

Let us know in the comments below if you have seen a price increase in your country.

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